Why Mobeego™? – Mobeego USA

Why Mobeego™?

The MobeegoDifference

Mobeego™ Has A 10 Year Shelf Life And Is Instantly Ready.

An Immediate, Lasting Solution

Mobeego™ is made for those last-minute situations, when you're running out of battery and want an instantly available battery to keep your mobile phone mobile. But you can also buy Mobeego™ ahead of time and use it as needed during the next 10 years.

Free Yourself From Your Charger

Mobeego™ plugs directly into your mobile phone, with no extra cables, wires or adaptors. Just grab a can, plug it in and go; Mobeego™!

Mobeego™ Is A Totally Wireless Solution. No Charging Needed.
Mobeego™ Provides Up To 4 Hours Of Extra Charge.

Powerfully Compact

Get up to 4 hours of extended battery life for your mobile phone. Whenever. Wherever.

Affordably Awesome

Our one-time, instant-use, mobile charging solution is modestly priced. Plus, after you buy the first Mobeego™ charger, you can keep the reusable adaptor for later use, so you only need to buy our disposable cans in the future.

Mobeego™ Is Recyclable And Inexpensive.
Mobeego™ Is Always Fully Charged And Ready To Go.

On-Demand Mobility

Unlike bulky backup batteries and power banks, Mobeego™ doesn’t require pre-charging before use. Plus, if you don’t use your charged power bank for a few weeks, it could very well “leak,” requiring more re-charging. On the other hand, charging stations and lockers defeat the purpose of a mobile phone: on-demand mobility.

Recycling Concept

The environment is important to us! We collect the used cans in mobeego special bins, located at the stores.

With Recyclable Batteries, Mobeego™ Is An Environmentally Conscious Solution.