Environment & Recycling – Mobeego USA

Environment & Recycling

Keeping Your Mobile Phone Mobile,
and the Environment Clean

Recycle Your Used Cans

After using Mobeego™, we encourage you to recycle your used cans where you purchased them. From there, it’s our responsibility. After you recycle your used cans, we transfer them to a recycling center, where they are disassembled. Some of the parts are saved for reuse. We work with local partners to best follow waste removal laws and regulations in all of the countries Mobeego™ is sold.

Designed with the Environment in Mind

Mobeego™ comes in two parts: a disposable battery can and a small reusable adapter. Electronic waste can negatively impact our planet. To reduce these pollutants and keep our environment safe, we designed Mobeego’s adapter to be reusable. It also saves you money the next time you need Mobeego. Now that’s a win-win.

Maintaining Environment-Friendly Standards

We only use materials in accordance with RoHs directives. And our packaging is made of cardboard, not plastic.

Efficient Logistics and Smart Transport

Mobeego’s minimal weight, compact design and optimal packaging ensure efficient transport, from the time we load the packages onto ships after they leave the factory, until mobeego arrives at our local retailers. In all, this process produces less CO2 and a cleaner environment.