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Fully charged, 10 year shelf life

Environment & Recycling

Designed with the environment in mind

A One-Time Shot of Power That Keeps Your Mobile Phone Mobile

Stop worrying about running out of battery while you’re on the go. Stop wasting time finding a place to charge your phone while you’re out and about.

Mobeego™ is an affordable, single-use, cordless battery that provides an instant shot of power for your phone, so you can stay mobile whenever and wherever.

A One-Time Shot of Power That Keeps Your Mobile Phone Mobile
The Instantly Available, Affordable and Last-Minute Solution

The Instantly Available, Affordable and Last-Minute Solution

A mobile phone is supposed to be mobile, but how many times have you inconveniently needed to stop and charge your phone? Mobeego™ is an instantly available, affordable and last-minute solution that keeps your mobile phone mobile - whenever and wherever. With Mobeego™, you no longer need to find the closest outlet to charge your phone, and you no longer need to stop using your phone just to save the battery.

Need more battery? Can’t find an outlet nearby?

If you’ve ever had an energy drink, you know how powerful it is to keep you going throughout the day. Mobeego™ has the same effect for your mobile phone: a one-time shot of power that adds up to 4 more hours of use. Grab a can, plug it into your phone and Mobeego™!

Need more battery? Can’t find an outlet nearby?

The Perfect Fit

Mobeego™ is compatible with most smartphones, including the iPhone 5, 6, 7 and SE, as well as most Micro USB devices, such as Samsung, LG, Nokia and HTC.

Mobeego™ features an innovative adapter that directly connects to your mobile phone’s charging socket, allowing you to continue using your phone whenever, wherever!

Unlike other portable chargers, Mobeego™ is light and compact, so you’ll barely notice it’s there while using your phone.

10 year shelf-life

Mobeego™ isn’t quite like the average portable charging solution. Our ultra-durable, disposable batteries last for 10 years, even after prolonged storage, and they don’t need to be charged beforehand. Our compact design also means you can comfortably use your phone while Mobeego™ is plugged in. When you’re not using Mobeego™, it can easily be stored in several places, like pockets, purses, backpacks and briefcases.

Never Miss a Moment with our Action Cameras Model

Yes, we also have an Action Cameras model. Compatibility with both Micro USB and Mini USB based cameras makes it fit to most of the action cameras in the market, such as HP AC-series, GoPro HERO, Xiaomi Yi and SJCAM.

Mobeego™ Action Cameras model will be available in extreme sports equipment shops and in ski resorts, in order to make sure that extreme sports enthusiasts will not miss a moment due to lack of energy.

Committed to Keeping the Environment Clean

Our environmentally focused recycling program allows you to safely dispose of Mobeego™ cans after you use them at one of our participating locations.

Stay Connected and Available

In many ways, a smart phone is our lifeline to family, friends, work and entertainment. With Mobeego™, you can stay connected and available whenever, wherever.

When Mostly Needed

A byproduct of most natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunami, is lack of communications. To improve the recovery process and save lives. We are now offering individuals and organizations to include Mobeego™ in all emergency kits.

Where to Get Mobeego™

Mobeego™ is available at a variety of locations, including convenience stores, kiosks, travel stores, bars, public transportation stations, airports, hospitals, conferences, festivals and sporting events.

Mobeego™ locations finder app.

Stop Getting Stuck with Low or No Battery

With the instantly available, affordable and last-minute Mobeego™ technology, you can keep your mobile phone on, active and most importantly: mobile.

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